6 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With Facebook Ads

6 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have helped marketers or business owners to advertise their product or service around the corner of the globe without being physically present there and they also helped the advertiser to achieve their sales number.
Reaching directly to end consumers is a boon to all businesses by Facebook ads, gone those days when only companies with big-budget were only able to advertise for their product and service with huge marketing budgets.
Now any person can advertise who owns a product or provide a service. Facebook ads are the double edge sword if you are not careful while running your ads it can harm your pockets and eat up all your budget.
In this article, you will find out 7 mistakes advertisers make while running Facebook ads and you can save your budget from wasting unnecessarily. 
  1. Choosing the wrong campaign objective

When starting with Facebook ads advertise should be very clear about goal or objective what they want to achieve with the ads. It is easy to lose for any beginner advertiser and feel overwhelmed by the information seeing their Facebook dashboard.

Facebook provides 11 types of different objective and each objective serve a specific purpose, an advertiser should have an idea with their campaign goal what exactly they are looking for.

i) Brand Awareness

If your product is new in the market and you want to create hype and increase the visibility for your product choose Brand Awareness.

ii) Reach

Reach objective can help you to reach the number of people who are using Facebook, Facebook will show your ads to the Target Group who are having a similar interest of the product.

iii) Traffic

If your goal is to drive people to your website or landing page, in this case, you can use traffic objective, people will see your ads and will click on it and they will be sent to your website or landing page.

iv) Engagement

If you are interested in increasing like comments and sharing on your ad use Engagement objective For example you created a video and posted on Facebook and you want to increase the number of likes and comment on the video, Engagement objective will help you to gain the like and comment.

v) App Install

If you own an app and want to increase an app install number choose the app install objective Facebook will show the ads to the people who will be interested in your app and they will download.

vi) Video Views

As the name says, the Video view objective will help you to gain video views on the Facebook platform and Facebook Audience Network. It is a great objective if you do VLogging and wants to show your video to people.

vii) Lead Generation

Let’s come to Lead Generation, It is Gold Mine in Facebook ads, if you are a business regardless of what you sell, this objective can help you to boost your sale by generating leads for your business.

viii) Messenger

This objective will drive people and encourage them to reach you through the messenger platform, where people can send you texts regarding your offer.

ix) Conversion

If you want to generate leads through your Landing page or website this objective will help you to achieve your goal, this is the second most useful objective for generating leads and performing any action you set in a Facebook campaign.

x) Catalog Sales

If you have an eCommerce store and have a wide range of products you can showcase them on Facebook through catalog sales objectives. It will show multiple ad creatives to your target group where they can see and click on it after that they will be directed to your website for purchase.

xi) Store Traffic

If you are a local business and want to increase footfall in your store, Store traffic can help you to increase store visits.

Now you know about each objective in Facebook ads, use them according to your goal, and run a successful campaign. Choosing the right campaign is always crucial for the success of your ad.

  1. Not Instaling Facebook Pixel In Website

It is always recommend by expert advertisers to set a pixel code in your website, If you create your Facebook business account, installing Facebook pixel code is the second important thing to your ads.

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that you place on your website, allowing you to monitor conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future adverts and retarget people who have previously interacted with your website.

How to create Facebook Pixel

  1. Create a Facebook pixel

1.1 Go to Events Manager.

1.2 Click Connect data sources and select Web. 

1.3 Select Facebook pixel and click Connect. 

1.4 Add your pixel name. 

1.5 Enter your website URL to check for easy setup options. 

1.6 Click Continue. 

  1. Add the Facebook pixel to your website

Once you have created your pixel, you are ready to put the Facebook pixel code on your website.

After you set up a pixel in your website you can create a conversion tracking, with help of conversion tracking you can monitor and analyze the action on your website which visiter are taking on your website. If you are an eCommerce website owner considering setting conversion tracking foremost activity then you will know how many conversions are happing on your website.

  1. Choosing Wrong Targeting Parameters

Facebook provides targets your desired audience in different ways different parameters, and It is important to know who is your target audience. If you are not targeting the right audience you may not achieve your result with Facebook ads, and the campaign will be a complete failure.

Now we’ll go through each section to target your right audience.

  1. Custom Audience

A custom audience is an audience that you create through Facebook pixel, by the custom audience, you can do retargeting for your ads to the people who visit your site, watch the video, engage with your ads, or lead form. You can reach them again if they did not take any action on your ads.

  1. Location

Make while creating ads you choose the right location, if you are serving locally and can not serve pan country, do not select the location where you can not provide your product and service. This is always a good practice to choose a location accordingly, even you are in multiple cities you can choose two or three where ever you operate.

  1. Age

If your product and service is only for some specific age group for example if you real estate developer and want to show your ads you will not show the ads to the people who are less than 25 because generally at this age most people are not capable of buying home. Target your audience by age group carefully to whom you want to serve.

  1. Gender

If you dealing with some gender-specific category choose accordingly, like if you have products like cosmetics makeup or men’s grooming product. It will be good to target gender-wise only.

  1. Language

If your audience belongs to a certain region or speaks a specific language you can choose language targeting else keeping it English or leaving blank will be fine.

Now you know how to reach your best target audience on Facebook by choosing the right parameter for targeting, If you miss any of the parameters it may impact your ads.

4. Not Choosing Right Audience

Choosing the right audience is a major factor for the success of your ad campaign, if you miss this shot you may end up in lose.

Before choosing your audience you must look at your product or service and ask questions to yourself to whom I serve? Who can be benefited from my product, what problem I am solving and who can be a buyer for my product or service, the question list could go and that is why you must have a clear idea about your target group audience.

Facebook Audience Insight is the tool you can use if you are not certain about your audience, Facebook provides this tool free of cost and you can choose or decide your target audience on Facebook.

Facebook also provides a feature of Detailed targeting

Detailed targeting is a targeting option available in the “Audience” section of ad set creation that allows you to refine the group of people we show your ads to. You can do this with information such as additional demographics, interests, and behaviors.

  • These detailed targeting options may be based on: 
  • Ads they click on 
  • Pages they engage with 
  • Activities that people engage in on Facebook related to things such as their device usage and travel preferences 
  • Demographics such as age, gender, and location 
  • The mobile device they use and the speed of their network connection.

This is the beauty of Facebook ads you can target people which each set of actions they perform on Facebook and its other platforms such as Instagram and messenger. If you know your audience well you will get benefited from the Facebook ads.

5. Not Writing Compelling Ad Copy For Your Ad

Ad copy is the salesperson of your ads, It will provide information about your advertisement and encourage people to take action. Writing a good ad copy can increase the Click-through rate (CTR) of your ad. Along with that do not forget to give a proper Call To Action in your ad copy, people do not know what they should do after reading or seeing your ads.

You have to guide them through the proper ways to take action whether you want to make the purchase or visit your website or sign up for something.

  1. Not Using Attractive Ad Creative

If you are using some boring and dull creative chances are you will not get interaction from people on Facebook, There are numbers of tools online you can use to create your creative or hire a graphic designer for your ad creatives, if you have a product make sure you should have proper and appealing images of your ads. People see and buy things if they do not look good online the same perception people going to make for the offline products also.

Ad creative could be a hero of your ad, as people go to the cinema to watch their favorite film star like wise your ad creative influence people to take action by just seeing your ads.

Now you know the mistake advertiser generally make while creating ads, and as you know these mistakes you are ahead of most of the advertisers who is making these mistake.

Avoid all mistakes mentioned in the article and you will end up having more sales and spending less budget on your ads. 

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